Second hand shop Tenerife

Second hand shop Tenerife

Used goods markets are gaining increasing popularity. These charming places not only offer a unique opportunity to discover hidden treasures, but also represent a sustainable and cost-effective choice for those looking to give new life to items. While excessive consumerism brings us advantages, it also creates problems, and this alternative method of purchasing can be an excellent solution for some.

Visiting the Segunda Mano Point Second hand shop can be a different experience; many people compliment us on the selection of items. Here are some of the things you might find:

Furniture and Home Decor: Ordinary, restored, modern, or classic local furniture.

Appliances: Washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, etc. — basically all major and minor appliances, where you will find quality products at very competitive prices to make your home more comfortable. Sometimes you might be lucky to find high-quality used appliances, but we prefer to offer new ones because truly good used appliances are rare, and unfortunately, most are in poor condition. In any case, you will receive an appropriate warranty with either option.

Home Accessories: Plates, glasses, cutlery, clothes racks, and various accessories for the entire home.

Books and Collectibles: For book lovers, there are books in different languages, and you might occasionally come across some collectible items as well as old CDs.

Used goods markets in South Tenerife represent a microcosm of culture, history, and sustainability.

Second hand shop

Segunda Mano Point: Our Story

After deciding to change our lives and move to Tenerife, we embarked on various projects that unfortunately did not succeed. However, our determination and passion led us to reinvent ourselves and launch a new business.

Sabrina: She is the intellectual force behind our venture, with a solid background in office work and commerce. She is a positive person who approaches every task with great passion and is enchanted by our current endeavor.

Marco: With a variety of work experiences, he started out as an auto mechanic but chose not to confine himself to a single field throughout his life. Instead, he explored various areas, from industrial automation in car wash systems to home repairs and finally to appliance repair. He has always worked independently, bringing passion and a desire to learn to each project.

Our Business

Since 2018, we have been engaged in the sale of home goods, both new and used, including furniture, small and large appliances, accessories, and much more. Sabrina, with years of experience in another Second hand shop, is always present in the store and is known for her kindness, friendliness, and love for her work.

Regarding used products, we strictly select items based on quality, both to optimize space and to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Although we regret having to refuse numerous requests, we do not accept low-quality items, what is commonly referred to as “basura.”

We also offer small transport services and a technical assistance center for appliances.

For the collection of used furniture, we visit the customer directly, who signs a mandate and earns 50% of the sale price.

Second hand shop

Products and Services

Among the new items we offer are small and large appliances at very competitive prices, as well as mattresses, bed bases, and more. From the very beginning, we have distinguished ourselves for our seriousness, and although we cannot meet everyone’s needs, we have built a solid reputation through positive word-of-mouth.

We are particularly appreciated by vacation rental properties, which often entrust us with keys and access codes for deliveries or services, placing their trust in us completely.

Our business is not just a store but a reference point for those seeking quality and reliability. We take pride in the trust we have built with our customers and continue to work with passion to offer the best in South Tenerife.

Although we do not deal in clothing, one of our services includes assistance with clothing donations. The store often becomes a drop-off and collection point for clothing for babies, children, or adults donated by those who no longer need it and collected by those in need. When we have items that do not sell, we put them out with a “free” sign.

Atmosphere and Experience

Visiting the Second hand shop in South Tenerife is more than just a shopping experience; it is a journey through time and local culture with colors, sounds, and smells that stimulate the senses. The atmosphere is welcoming and homey, where shoppers can meet, share stories, and discover unexpected treasures. Many people come in and tell us their stories, whether it’s about their vacation, a scouting visit, or a move to the area.

For All Tastes and Needs

Whether you are furnishing a new home, setting up a vacation rental, looking for a unique gift, or just browsing, the Segunda Mano Point Second hand shop in South Tenerife has something to offer everyone. Our competitive prices and product quality are guaranteed by our careful selection and attention to detail.

The Best Partnerships on the Island

Over the years, we have been able to assess and filter our partners for their seriousness and professionalism. Today, we are collaborating with two major companies on the island for both large and small appliances, hobby supplies, equipment, and electronics. One of these partners is MANDATELO.

Choose the product you need and, within 1 to 2 days, you can pick it up in our store or, for large appliances, we will deliver it to your home.

With us, you can always find updated flyers on current offers or check stock availability on the website

I nostri servizi

Second hand shop

Location and Useful Information

The Second hand shop is easily accessible in the heart of South Tenerife.

If you are looking for a unique and high-quality shopping experience in South Tenerife, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Segunda Mano Point. You will discover a world of treasures, save money, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Join us for an unforgettable shopping adventure!

Visit our Second hand shop and be amazed by the magic of South Tenerife.

Segunda Mano Point
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